Peter Davies is an up and coming filmmaker; he graduated from Bournemouth University in 2009 with a master's degree in film directing. He has directed various short films, documentaries and corporate films.


Filmography as Director/Writer:

The Barry Factor (2008) Pun City Productions
Written by Peter Davies and Tom Copeland
Short Film
A mockumentary about a deluded wannabe celebrity and X-Factor contestant, Barry Castle.
12 Mins
Shot on Mini-DV, Canon XM2

Character Warped (2009) Bournemouth Media School
Short Directing Exercise
A short about a nihilistic girl who screws someone over to save herself
4:43 Mins
Shot on Sony EX3 HD

Active Dorset - Futsal (2009) Red Balloon Productions
Corporate Film
Promoting Futsal for Active Dorset and young people.
3 Mins
Shot on Sony EX3 HD

Based on a True Story (2009) Fishbeast productions
Written by Peter Davies
Short Film
Comedy/Drama examining how true stories are reduced to cliche and formula once adapted for the big screen.
22 Mins
Shot on Sony EX3 HD

A Family Gathering (2010) Fishbeast Productionss
Short mood piece documenting my family.
14:29 Mins
Shot on Canon XM2 Mini DV

Student Protest Cuts - 20th October 2010 (2010) Spectacle Productions
Short film documenting student protests and interviews over George Osborne's cuts.
6:14 Mins
Shot on Sony Z1 Mini DV/HDV

I Am What I Am (2011) Fishbeast Productions
Written by Peter Davies and Sarah Brophy
Short Film
Silent film about a lonely janitor with a secret second life.
5 Mins
Shot on Sony EX3 HD

Magic Moments (2011) Latimer Digital
Online Promo
Promo for Paul Smith Optimism online ad campaign
Shot on Canon 7D

Blackheath Goes Gospel (2012) Blackheath Halls
Live Concert
Live performance of Blackheath Gospel Choir
83 mins
Shot on Sony Z1

Closed Circuit (2012) Fishbeast Productions
Written by Frank Burton
Short film
The film is set in a pub over the course of one evening. We depict the interactions and frustrations of the bored visitors who frequent it every night.
11 Mins
Shot on Canon 7D

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